Instructions for Completing Multi State Licensure

The NCEES Records Program is designed for currently licensed engineers and surveyors who are looking for an easier and faster way to complete the licensure process in multiple jurisdictions. Once completed, your Record will include most, if not all, of the materials needed to apply for comity licensure in additional states. Please note that some boards may require additional information. Using the NCEES Record does not guarantee licensure with any state board.  The NCEES Record can also be used for initial licensure with the state boards that are mentioned on the exam/license page.  Please check this page to be sure your board will accept the NCEES Record without first obtaining a license.  There is a fee that is charged for transmittal of your information to a licensing board.  For the first transmittal of a comity application, the fee is $175. Each subsequent transmittal is $75.

To transmit your NCEES Record, each section under the multi state licensure page must show as green or complete.  Instructions for each section can be found on the right-hand column when you are in the section.  TIP:  This system functions best if you use Chrome or Firefox.  Browsers like Internet Explorer function with this system, but not with every aspect.  The following are a few tips for each section to ensure they are accurate and completed correctly:


  • Please be sure to fill in your high school graduation date.  Note that transcripts from high school are not required.
  • Enter information regarding all institutions of higher education you have attended.  If you graduated from an ABET accredited program at your institution, transfer credit transcripts are not required.  Otherwise, all transcripts from all institutions attended (even if it was for one course) must be entered in this system and verified by a transcript.
  • Transcripts must arrive to NCEES directly from the institution attended. 
  • Click on the VERIFY button to find the instructions for how to have your institution send transcripts.
  • When your transcripts arrive to NCEES, please allow 2-3 business days for them to be verified and uploaded to your account.

Credential Evaluation:

  • If your education requires a credential evaluation, this section will automatically appear within your account.  You’ll need to purchase an evaluation (the fee is $350) once all documentation has arrived to NCEES directly from the institution.  If you have questions about this process, please use the ? next to your name in your account to discuss your questions specifically with your evaluator.
  • Typical documentation for the evaluation will include the official transcript, degree verification and course descriptions.  All documentation must arrive to NCEES directly from the institution.  Exceptions are not made.

Exam and License:

  • FE or FS and PE or PS exam results are required.  If you exempted one or both exams, a state board will still need to enter the waived exam information.
  • A license is required to be verified in your account UNLESS you are applying for initial licensure in one of the states listed on this page.  All other boards do not accept the NCEES Record for initial licensure (they only accept it for comity licensure) and therefore, a license must be verified in the account to be complete.
  • To request that a board verify an exam/license, select Request License/Exam Verification. Follow any additional instructions a board may provide for them to complete your request (some boards require another form or a fee before they will complete the request).
  • The request goes directly to the state board.  Most boards will be completing your request directly within your account.  If you have questions about when they will complete your request, you will need to contact the board directly.  This is not a process that NCEES controls.
  • If information is showing in this account and another state board needs to see it, you can use the Send License/Exam History to send an email notification to a board. You may only send it to a board one time.  Also, note that all boards have access to this information at any time and can view it if you provide to them your NCEES ID number.

Work Experience:

  • Begin adding work experience in order of oldest employment to current.  To begin, click on Add a Work Experience. TIP:  It is best to type the description in a word document and copy/paste it into your account.  For security purposes, the system will time out after one hour and work you have typed in may be lost.
  • Please note that any work experience that you intend to have verified by someone should follow the guidelines in our Work Experience FAQ’s.  Find the link for these instructions on the work experience page.
  • The supervisor/respondent must be able to receive an email through our system and respond accordingly.  If the person or the company cannot do so, you will need to mark this work as self-verified.
  • For the work experience to be considered verified, the individual signing off on the work would have to answer yes to all of the following questions:
  1. Do you have knowledge of the applicant's work during the time covered by this endorsement?(y/n) -If no, explain
  2. Does the description above accurately reflect the work personally performed by the applicant?(y/n) -If no, explain
  3. Is the time claimed by the applicant for this experience accurate? (y/n) - If no, explain
  • When you submit your work experience for review, it will be reviewed by NCEES to ensure that the information provided in the entry is sufficient for most state boards.  It will say Pending NCEES.  Each work experience is reviewed independent of your entire record and therefore must stand alone, reflecting the detail, depth and extent of your personal involvement for the given timespan.  If edits are needed, the reviewer will send an email with feedback for making the edits.  If the work experience entry is sufficient, it will be passed on to the supervisor/respondent you put to sign off on the work entry.  The work experience entry will not be sent to the supervisor/respondent until NCEES has reviewed and approved the entry.
  • When the work says Pending Supervisor, this means that it is waiting on the supervisor/respondent you put to sign off on the work entry.  They have been sent an email.  The email comes from a [email protected] so you should encourage your respondents to look in their junk/spam if they do not find it and you know it has been sent.  You can resend the email to them by going to the work experience, selecting VIEW and then RESEND to CONTACT.  The respondent must respond to the most recent link/email sent.
  • Once the supervisor signs off on a work experience, it will show as complete.
  • For all self-verified work and other work experience, please submit them for review.  They will not be reviewed, but doing so completes the process for this entry so that they will show as complete.  Self-verified and other work experience will not be counted toward your total verified work experience.
  • Updating current work experience is only required upon the need to transmit your record.  If you have a need to transmit your record and it has been longer than 6 months since it was signed off on, you will need to update the work experience.  If you are still at the same company, click on VIEW for that work experience, then EDIT the work experience and submit it for review.  If you have stopped working at the entry that is the current employment, edit the last entry and provide the end date.  This work will need to be reviewed and signed off on one last time.  Then, add the new entry and submit it for review.
  • While you can update most anything within your record at any time, it is not recommended to update your current work experience unless and until a transmittal is needed.  Doing so every six months is a waste of your time, our reviewers time and your supervisor/respondents time.  If you have an immediate transmittal need and all other aspects in your record are complete, please contact NCEES and we can expedite the review of the work so that it is completed within a day or so.

Professional References:

  • To add a reference, select ADD a REFERENCE at the top of the page.  You’ll enter their name and email address.
  • To send the reference the form, select the ACTION button next to their name (after you have added them). 
  • If they tell you they did not receive it, let them know to check junk/spam for a [email protected] email address.  You can resend it to them at any time by selecting ACTION and RESEND.
  • You need a total of 5 references to transmit your record.  All 5 references must be "current" or signed off on within the past 12 months.
  • 3 of the 5 references must be licensed within the US as either an engineer (for application to engineering licensure) or a surveyor (for application to surveying licensure).
  • 2 of the 5 references can be anyone who can speak to your character as long as they are not related to you.
  • You can delete a reference at any time by selecting ACTION and REMOVE REFERENCE.  Once a reference is removed, it cannot be recovered.

Time Gaps:

  • The system automatically recognizes any period of time not covered by work experience or by education that is longer than 6 months in length.
  • If the system is showing a time that you were employed, you will need to enter the work experience under the work experience section.  If this was not engineering or surveying work, the work should be listed as other. 
  • For any period of unemployment, please click the EXPLAIN button and provide an explanation for your activity during the time frame.

Questions for Applicant:

  • State boards have several questions they require that we ask.  You will need to answer all questions. 
  • If documentation is needed to be provided, please use the ? next to your name in your account to submit a ticket and attach the documents to the ticket.  Felony and board disciplinary documents are required.  
  • State boards use the answers to these questions in many ways.  Please answer them honestly and as thoroughly as you can.

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