Work Experience Examples

In general, please use this rubric for completing a description of each project:

Project name, scope, location (1-2 sentences)

Dates of the project

1-2 sentences about what YOUR specific role was on the project

The following are examples of the way work experience descriptions should be written about YOUR specific role in the project.  These are just examples and should not be used in any work description.  

Land Development Design

I worked on a land development team that focused on commercial and residential land development projects. I performed analysis and design on a 200-acre commercial and retail center. I performed the design of water utilities, sanitary sewer, storm drain, paving, grading, drainage design, and a detention pond. I designed the network of storm drain pipes to contain the 100-year storm event per the city design manual.

Land Development Design

I was part of a team that developed a master plan for a large development. The project had multiple design teams working together. My role was to design the water and sewer layout for multiple residential phases. I calculated the infrastructure cost associated with different residential layout schemes. I also designed mass grading options for different residential layout schemes using Civil 3D software. I calculated the amount of cut and fill associated with different layout options to determine which option would provide the best benefit for the associated cost.

Water Treatment

I was a project engineer for a 3 million-gallon-per-day water treatment plant. I completed preliminary building and site layout and cost estimating. I designed the following treatment components: aeration; sizing of detention; design of air-backwash system; and design of recycle, filter backwash, and high service pump systems. I also completed construction observation.

Bridge Replacement

This project was a replacement of bridge adjacent to existing bridge. I established horizontal and vertical alignments, lane and shoulder widths and configurations, slope grading requirement, cross slopes, pavement elevations, stopping sight distance, and other engineering data needed to realign the road to the new bridge location. I computed quantities and prepared estimates for construct costs. I also helped establish right-of-way needs and coordinated utility relocation.

Design of HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection

I designed the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems for a manufacturer. I verified existing as-built conditions, selected the proper equipment for the product, prepared an estimate on construction cost, completed engineering calculations related to duct and pipe sizing, and wrote specifications as required to procure equipment.

Electrical Design

As the lead electrical engineer, I gathered information and prepared as-built drawings of the existing facilities. I developed the construction drawings to include connection details; grounding, and protection equipment; and preparation of the electrical specifications. I designed the lighting (indoor and outdoor) by using design software to perform a point-by-point foot-candle calculation of each area, and I prepared luminaire schedules.

Bridge Design

I designed a three-span, precast concrete bridge that is supported by driven steel piling. As part of the design, I had to locate the bridge out of the 100-year floodplain. I designed the concrete back walls of the abutments to withhold the earthen backfill. The design was performed using the allowable strength design method. I developed construction plans for the bridge and approaching roadway. I was the project engineer during the construction of the bridge and roadway. While the project engineer, I was in charge of independent testing of the densities of the roadway items, quality assurances of the concrete used during construction of the bridge, and establishment of the horizontal and vertical alignment of the roadway.

Project Site Engineer

I served as project engineer for a community health center. My responsibilities included the design of the preliminary site layout; utility connections; storm drainage, soil erosion, and sedimentation controls for the zoning permit application; preparation of the storm water management report; and preparation of the Flood Management Certification Permit.

Fire Protection Systems for Elementary School

I provided fire protection design services for this large, multistory elementary school. My responsibilities included building sprinkler system design, water supply analysis, and code analysis. I conducted construction administration activities including shop drawing and product submittal review, construction observation and inspection, and system commissioning and project closeout.

HVAC Design

I provided comprehensive HVAC system and control system design for a mixed-use facility. I provided HVAC load calculations, system analysis and selections, specification development, CAD design drawing development, code interpretation, multidiscipline coordination, meetings with client stakeholders, energy efficiency code compliance, Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination with contractors, and site construction progress verifications. 


Creek hydraulic study: I performed hydraulic channel analysis and evaluated stabilization and remediation of bank and stream bed of a creek as well as protection measures for the existing bridge piers over the creek. I also created exhibits for various stabilization alternatives for department of transportation evaluation and approval to go along with the report.


I designed and performed calculations for a building (steel roof, concrete shear walls, mat foundation), retaining wall, water storage tank, bracing system, seismic force resisting system connections and basement walls. I helped contractors and subcontractors in understanding the design intent as well as in determining adequate substitutions and field fixes given the unique constraints of the project due to its location. I also performed general inspections during construction to ensure compliance with the design.


Mixed use development: I resolved the boundary for each phase of the development. I provided quality control on the topographic surveys used in the design of the project. I provided quality assurance and quality control on the construction surveys for each phase.  I also prepared final plats for the residential subdivision phases.

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