Work Experience Credit

How is work calculated?

Work is calculated based on the months/years entered.  If the person signing off on the entry answers yes to all of the questions, 100% of that time is captured.  

The individual filling out your form to verify the work must indicate whether they are licensed within the US or not.  If they say they are licensed, the form then asks them for their license information, including the date of their first license.  If the person was not licensed for the entire time frame of the work experience entered, the system calculates only the time that the respondent was licensed during the time frame.  For example:  If you enter a work experience for January 2010 to December 2010 and the individual signing off on the entry did not gain their first license until October 2010, you would only receive 2 months for "work under a PE or PS".  

If you have an entry that says IMPORTED, it was brought over from the old system and may contain work that is signed off on by a licensed  professional,  but is not calculated through this system. However, the information IS shared with the state board who will add that work in once they receive your record.  State boards that need this information (most do not), know that they may have to refer to the actual forms instead of relying on the auto calculations for this information.

Overlapping time frames are not counted twice.

Why is my entry saying 0%?

An entry receives 0% credit when the individual who has signed off on the entry answers "no" to one of the following questions:

Do you have knowledge of the applicant's work during the time covered by this endorsement? (y/n) -If no, explain Does the description above accurately reflect the work personally performed by the applicant? (y/n) -If no, explain Is the time claimed by the applicant for this experience accurate? (y/n) - If no, explain

These questions are used to qualify an individual to sign off on your work, so if the individual answer's NO to any of the questions (regardless of any explanation given), the work is not considered to be verified.  

Why is my entry saying 25%, 50% or 75%?

An entry is given this percentage based on the work described.  For example: if you say that 70% of your job is engineering work, the NCEES reviewer will mark the entry as receiving 75% credit.  Entries are rounded to the nearest percentage based on the description provided.

How do I edit a completed work experience to have the appropriate amount of time shown?

Click on the work experience section.

Click on VIEW of the entry in question.

If there is an EDIT button, edit the entry and submit it for review.

If there is not an EDIT button (typically for older employment dates), please reach out to NCEES for assistance.

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