What is an NCEES Record?

What is an NCEES Record?

An NCEES Record is a verified compilation of information an applicant is required to submit to a state licensing board as part of the licensure application process.  

What information will my completed Record include?

Each completed Record is a verified compilation of an applicant’s official academic transcripts, full employment history, professional references, and exam results.

How will an NCEES Record benefit me?

An NCEES Record eliminates the hassle of resubmitting your academic transcripts, exam results, employment history and verifications, and professional references each time you apply for comity licensure. It saves time and simplifies the application process when you need to practice in multiple states.

Do all U.S. state licensing boards accept an NCEES Record?

Yes. The NCEES Record is accepted by all U.S. state licensing boards for COMITY licensure application.

Does an NCEES Record guarantee licensure in all jurisdictions?

No. An NCEES Record does not guarantee licensure in any jurisdiction.

Do any states require information in addition to what is included in the NCEES Record?

The NCEES Record is designed to meet the licensure requirements of most states. Since licensure requirements vary from state to state, there may be times when a Record holder must submit additional information to a state board in order to satsisfy its licensure requirements.

What types of information might a state board require in addition to an NCEES Record?

In most cases, requests for additional information are as simple as requiring the applicant to complete a state application and pay a state application fee. However, there may be times when an NCEES Record holder is required to provide additional information about their education, references, existing licenses, or experience information.

How much does it cost? 

There is no charge to complete the application process and no annual renewal fee. Fees are charged each time you transmit your Record to a state licensing board.

First transmittal for comity licensure: $175 

First transmittal for initial licensure: $100

First transmittal for PE/PS exam approval:  $100

All subsequent transmittals:  $75

How long will it take to complete the application process?

The online application process can be completed in about 30 days. The time depends on how long it takes to verify your information. For instance, if your references are slow to respond to verification requests, it will take longer to complete your application.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application at any time via the multi-state licensure dashboard in your MyNCEES account. Dashboard sections that are highlighted in green are complete. Those highlighted in yellow require your attention.

Do I have to renew my NCEES Record each year?

Your Record does not require annual renewal. Current Record holders do not need to take any action with their accounts until they have a need for comity licensure.

How often should I update my Record?

You will be required to review and update your Record each time you transmit to a state licensing board. Some verifications are valid for a short period of time and should not be updated and re-verified until you are ready to transmit. Past work experience verifications do not expire. Current employment should not be verified until just prior to transmission.  If your present employment has been verified within six months prior to transmission, it will not need to be re-verified to transmit.

Do any states require an NCEES Record for comity licensure?

Yes. Candidates applying for a comity license in Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, or Wyoming must establish an NCEES Record before applying. 

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