How do I transmit my Record?

How do I transmit my Record?

Record holders are able to request a transmittal through their MyNCEES account. The option to transmit your Record will appear in your dashboard when all of your information is current and eligible for transmission. If the transmit option is not available, review your dashboard sections that are highlighted in yellow to determine what steps must be completed to update your Record. More information is available in the MyNCEES onscreen help text.

How long does it take to process a transmittal request?

All information included in your Record must be current before it is eligible to transmit to a state licensing board. The time depends on whether your Record requires updating, how much information must be updated, and how long it takes to update. When all prerequisites have been completed, Records are typically transmitted within 1 business day of the request.

Do I need to update my Record before purchasing a transmittal?

Your work experience, licenses, and references must be current and verified in order to transmit your Record. To transmit your Record, at least 3 of your 5 references must have been verified within the last 12 months and your current work experience must have been verified within the last 6 months.

Record holders who verified only their initial license when completing the application process will be required to verify all of their licenses prior to transmitting their information to Indiana, Montana, or Pennsylvania.

Do all of my licenses need to be verified in order to apply for comity licensure?

Most states do not require verification of all licenses. However, you must have current verifications for all of your licenses if you intend to transmit your license to Indiana, Montana, or Pennsylvania.

Can I transmit my Record if I have not verified all of my licenses?

Yes. Your Record will be eligible to transmit as long as your initial license verification is current. If you have additional licenses that are not verified at the time of transmission, the Exam and License Verification prerequisites on your dashboard will be highlighted in yellow to alert you that the section requires your attention. However, unless you are transmitting to Indiana, Montana, or Pennsylvania, it is not necessary to verify all of your licenses in order to apply for comity licensure.

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