License Verification FAQs

How do I verify my license(s)?

Licenses are verified as part of the application process. Each state licensing board is responsible for determining how they verify licenses. Most are verified electronically through the Exam and Licensure Verification tab in your MyNCEES account. Specific instructions on how to complete each request are provided for each state board when you make a request.

Is there a fee to verify my license(s)?

Each state licensing board is responsible for setting any fees related to license verification. Typically, licenses are verified with the appropriate licensing board at no charge. However, some applicants may be required to pay a fee to the appropriate state licensing board for the service.

Do all of my existing licenses have to be verified to complete the application?

No. If your initial license is current and active, it is the only one that has to be verified in order to complete the application process. If your initial license has lapsed, you’ll have to provide verification of its current status as well as verification of a current and active license from another state.

Pennsylvania requires verification of all licenses. If you are completing the application with the intent to immediately transmit your Record to one of these states, you should verify all of your licenses during the application process to avoid potential delays.

Do license verifications expire?

Yes. License verifications are only valid until the license expiration date. 

My license verification has expired. When and how often should it be re-verified?

The best time to renew an expired license verification is just before you need to transmit your Record to a state licensing board. Expired verifications are not a problem unless you need to transmit your Record. All verifications must be current in order for your Record to be eligible to transmit. An update can be requested from the board through the system once it is expired.

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