Linking Prior Records Accounts FAQs

Why do I have to link my prior existing account?

NCEES launched a new and improved Records program on June 20, 2016. The new system features

  • Faster processing times. You can now expect to complete the application process electronically within approximately 30 days.
  • Online verification process for work experience and professional references.
  • No application fee.
  • No annual renewal fee.

Accounts that were established prior to the launch of this new system must be linked to your MyNCEES account in order to access and transmit your Record to a state licensing board. NCEES customers are now able to access all NCEES products and services through their MyNCEES account.

When should I initiate the process to link my accounts?

There is no need to link your account until you are ready to transmit your Record to a state licensing board. For best results, link your account approximately 30 days prior needing to send your record to a board for licensure.  This will allow enough time for updates before it is sent to the requested board.  Note:  You can often update your record much more quickly than this time frame, but this will ensure you have plenty of time before you need to actually apply to a board.

How do I link my old account with my MyNCEES account?

Access your MyNCEES account and select “link accounts” to link it with your prior existing Records account.

Do I already have a MyNCEES account?

Everyone who has registered for an NCEES exam since October 2010 has an established MyNCEES account. Contact  NCEES Client Services if you are unable to recover your username and/or password.

What information do I need to link my accounts?

You will need the password to your prior existing Records account in order to link your accounts. Contact NCEES Client Services if you don’t have this information.

What actually happens when I link my accounts?

Linking your old Records account with your MyNCEES account serves to notify the new system that you are an existing Record holder. Your information is not migrated to your MyNCEES account during this process. It will be migrated, and you will be required to review and update it, when you purchase your first transmittal in the new system.

I’ve linked my accounts. What should I do next?

You do not need to do anything else until you are ready to transmit your information to a state licensing board. When you are ready to purchase a transmittal, whether that’s in six months or several years, you will be prompted to update and review your information to ensure it is current and meets the specifications of the state boards at the time of transmittal.

Did NCEES destroy or purge all of my old information in the transition?

No. Your information was not destroyed or purged.

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