Why did NCEES update the old Records system?

The old Records system was working just fine. Why did NCEES update it?

Many state boards have implemented or are in the process of implementing an electronic application process. The Records Program is designed to support the application process and requirements of the state boards, which made it necessary to upgrade the system to a fully electronic process that meets their updated specifications.

How will my new Record differ from my old one?

Your new Record will no longer be a static document that could potentially include outdated information. Instead, it will be generated each time you request a transmittal to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible.

In the old system, as long as your Record was properly updated during the annual renewal process, your Record was eligible to transmit for 12 months. In reality, some of that information could have expired during that 12 month period and a state board may have required you to provide information in addition to your Record in order to consider your licensure application.

In the new system, you will be required to review and update your information before transmitting your Record. This ensures it is as current as possible at the time it’s transmitted and potentially prevent delaying licensure.

At the request of the state boards, the new system will generate a new document each time a transmittal is requested. This ensures that the information included in your Record is as up-to-date as possible and will better provide the state boards with the information they need to quickly process your comity licensure application.

Does it matter when my original Record was established?

No. Regardless of when your original Record was established, information submitted as part of your original application will remain. 

Will I have to re-enter or re-verify any of my information?

You may have to re-enter or re-verify information in the new system. The amount of information you may have to re-enter or re-verify depends on how much time has elapsed since the last time your information was updated. 

Did NCEES destroy or purge all of my old information in the transition?

No. Your information was not destroyed or purged. 

Why does my information have to be re-verified once it’s entered into the new system?

Your information must be officially verified in the new system in order to meet the updated specifications of the state licensing boards

Is there a fee associated with re-verifying my exam and license information?

Each state licensing board is responsible for setting any fees related to exam and  license verifications. Typically, exams and licenses are verified with the appropriate board at no charge. Specific instructions on how to complete a request and any applicable fees are provided for each state board when you make a request.

Do I still have to pay an annual renewal fee?

No. The new system does not require an annual renewal fee.

How long will it take to transmit my Record the first time in the new system?

This depends on when your original Record was established. Older accounts include more information and will require more time to update in the new system.

After purchasing your first transmittal in the new system, you should allow approximately 30 days to migrate and update your information (this can take much less time, but 30 days gives you plenty of time before needing to transmit your information to a board). Once it’s eligible to transmit, it should take approximately 1 business day to process.

How many professional references are required in order to transmit my Record?

You must have 5 total references.  3 of them must be US licensed.  2 of them can be from anyone not related to you.  All 5 must be up to date (signed off on) within the past 12 months.

What if my initial PE references from when my Record was first established are no longer available?

References that are no longer available are not valid references.  A reference must be someone that a state board could contact should they wish to do so. 

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