Describing Work Experience

Describing Work Experience

Work experience entries should describe engineering or surveying projects on which you personally worked. Each entry is broken into Tasks and Duties and Projects.

For Tasks and Duties, include your level of responsibility, degree of personal responsibility, the complexity of the work performed, and engineering decisions that you made.

For Projects, include the project name, location, dates and the exact engineering or surveying work you personally performed. The number of projects provided should be representative of the number of years you have worked for each employer and span the entire time frame of the employment dates (one project for every two years, do not skip large periods of time).  Each project should contain:

  • Project scope, location (1-2 sentences)
  • Dates of the project
  • 1-2 sentences about what YOU specifically did for the project (using I statements like "I designed" and "I calculated")

Use the following guidelines when determining how many average-sized projects to include. Larger projects that span multiple years are not expected to fall within these guidelines. 

5 years of employment 2-3 projects
10 years of employment 4-6 projects
20 years of employment 8-12 projects

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