NCEES Credentials Evaluation FAQ's

What is an NCEES Credentials Evaluation?

An NCEES Credentials Evaluation compares a licensure candidate’s college-level education to the NCEES Engineering Education Standard to evaluate if it is comparable to a typical US-based engineering degree. If your college-level coursework meets the standard, your evaluation report will indicate this. If it does not, your report will indicate any areas of deficiency.

What is the NCEES Engineering Education Standard?

The  NCEES Engineering Education Standard reflects generally agreed-upon educational qualifications for entering the profession.

How do I know if I need an evaluation?

Most applicants are referred to the NCEES Credentials Evaluation Service by a state licensing board.  

Evaluations can be conducted on the following types of education:

    1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering from a non-U.S.-based program

    2. Non-EAC/ABET-accredited degree programs in engineering, engineering technology, related science, or mathematics only when coupled with a master’s degree or doctorate in engineering

Evaluations may be conducted on programs that do not meet these criteria if specifically requested by an NCEES member board. Such requests must come directly from the member board to the NCEES Manager of Credentials Evaluations.

You do not need an evaluation if your degree was EAC/ABET-accredited at the time of your graduation.

What materials are needed for a Credentials Evaluation?

All applicants must provide the following from all universities attended and for all college-level coursework and degrees earned.  

  • Official academic transcript (MUST be mailed from school directly to NCEES)
  • Official diploma or certificate of graduation 
  • Official course descriptions 

Why do I have to submit official course descriptions?   

Official course descriptions are used in determining class content, the number of credit hours per week, and if classes meet on a semester or yearlong basis.

Do I have to submit course descriptions for all of my courses?   

Yes. Course descriptions must be submitted for all courses, including engineering, math, science, and non-engineering.

Do the official course descriptions have to be sent directly from the school?   

You may send your course descriptions, catalogs, and/or syllabi as long as they are published by the university. If the documents do not have verification of university publication, they must be officially attested/verified as a true copy by the appropriate school authority or be sent directly to NCEES by the institution.

How do I submit copies of my official course descriptions?   

Course descriptions that are submitted by the applicant must be sent electronically in PDF format as an attachment to a help ticket within MyNCEES. Be sure to type Education Evaluation and Course Descriptions in the subject title when submitting your help ticket.

Do my official course descriptions have to be provided in English?   

Yes. If official documents cannot be provided in English, a translation from a certified translation company is required. The university should send the native language course descriptions to you so you can send them to a certified translator. NCEES does not keep native language course descriptions. We only require the certified translated course descriptions.

Do you have a sample of course descriptions that I can review?  

Yes. Sample course descriptions are available here.

Do I have to purchase a Credentials Evaluation before I can submit my documentation?

No. Applicants must submit all required documentation and it must be verified before they will be eligible to purchase an evaluation.

Why don’t I have the option to purchase an evaluation from my MyNCEES dashboard?

Once all of your documents have been received and verified, you will have the option to purchase a Credentials Evaluation from your MyNCEES dashboard.

What is the fee for the evaluation?

The fee for the evaluation process is $350.

How long will it take to complete my evaluation?

A credentials evaluation is typically completed within 15 business days from the date of purchase.

Can I monitor the status of my Credentials Evaluation application?

Yes. You can monitor the status of your application through your MyNCEES account. To monitor the receipt of your documentation, select update education from your profile, which is located in the dropdown menu next to your username at the top of the screen. The status of each document will be noted below the appropriate school entry. When all documentation have been received and verified, you will have the option to purchase an evaluation from your MyNCEES dashboard.

Do my official documents have to be provided in English?

Yes. All official documents in the native language must be accompanied by literal English translations, which must be completed by a certified translation service.

Can the NCEES Credentials Evaluation be sent to an employer, university, or other entity?

No, the NCEES Credentials Evaluation is sent only to state licensing boards for the purpose of professional engineering/surveying licensure. The evaluation will not be sent to universities, employers, government offices, societies, etc. for reasons like college admission, job seeking, citizenship, etc.

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